• 5150 Whips LED Whip Pair, SOLID COLOR- 4 ft

    5150 Whips Pair of 4 foot  SOLID COLOR LED whips  with NEW magnetic quick release (no pin needed).  


    5150 Whips are made around a proprietary fiberglass resin pole that is stronger than lexan or polycarbonate as used by some competitors. Our 6 foot whips can be bent end to end without breaking.


     Our LED's are made per our specification, are waterproof and made out of 5050 LED chips. The LED's have low power consumption and we have been able to power a 6 foot whip off of a 9 volt battery for 4 hours (however LED's were not as bright as being on a 12 volt circuit.)


    Our base has a lifetime warranty.

      $235.00 Regular Price
      $205.00Sale Price

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