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Below are some of our most frequently asked questions.  Have other questions?  Feel free to reach out via the website, Facebook business page  or email:

WHAT OTHER SERVICES DO YOU OFFER?  We are a full service powersports shop... we do WAY more than just graphics.    We offer ATV, UTV & Motorcycle service and light repair, custom audio solutions for ATV, UTV, Motorcycle, Marine, Jeep and other street vehicles, custom lighting (whips, rock lights, headlights & halos and more, custom UTV & Jeep seats, exhaust & tunes, suspension upgrades, and much more.  


HOW MUCH DO YOUR WRAPS COST?  Off-road wrap prices vary by machine make & model, as well as the amount iof coverage you want and finish. Many have multiple coverage level options to choose from and we have several overlaminate finish options (2 standard, 3 that are at an upcharge). You can view the most common off-road custom wraps on our website. If you don't see yours listed, please ask. For street vehicle and trailer wraps, $12-$15 installed is a typical ballpark price. 

DO YOU OFFER CUSTOM DESIGNS?  Yes, absolutely!  We can design nearly anything you'd like. We print on white wrap media, then apply the thick, protective overlaminate, so the sky is really the limit design-wise. Pretty much everything we've done the last few years has been custom, from scratch designs... we take customer's ideas on design style or theme they'd like to see, colors, things to incorporate... and create a unique design for them.  We can help bring your ideas to life. 

HOW DURABLE ARE YOU OFFROAD WRAP KITS?  Our wraps are VERY tough. The material we use exclusively is VERY thick and durable, designed specifically for off-road conditions, with ridiculous adhesive that bonds with off-road plastics and metal. We installed ours on our RZR4 since October 2019. We went to Windrock 2 days after installing, have been to Outlaw Trails in WV multiple times and many others. It's been up against trees, branches on tight trails, unrecognizable in dried on mud more times than I can count... stands up to a 3200 psi pressure washer and still looked great after 3 yrs.  Never replaced a single piece.  We recently removed our wrap to install a new one  (new logo, updated design, holographic flake finish & more coverage), but didn't need to re-do it, just wanted to freshen it up.   We have lots of tracers that run our wraps due t the durability and just had 8 wrapped machines at King Of The Hammers.


CAN YOU DESIGN A LOGO FOR ME?  Yes we can.  We do require a $75 design deposit for logos/stickers, however if you order stickers from us, you will receive a $25 credit off your order.

HOW DO WE GET STARTED ON A CUSTOM WRAP DESIGN?   We require a $150 design deposit before starting any design work (or the wrap to be purchased). The deposit holds your spot in the design queue and also protects our time if something happens and you need to postpone or cancel.  We send mockups for you to review and approve or request changes to... we don't print it til you love it.  The deposit is then credited off your final wrap invoice once the design is approved and ready to print.  

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET A CUSTOM DESIGN?  We normally have 10-20 design jobs in house at all times these days. Typically, after the deposit is paid or wrap purchased, we can start on a new design in approx 5-10 business days, depending on how much we have in house currently.  Once the design is approved, we can normally print & ship in an additional 3-4 business days, depending on what we have in house currently, or schedule you to come in for install.  If our schedule allows, we will always try to get them done sooner. 

CAN I DO A COMPLETE COLOR CHANGE ON MY UTV WITH YOUR WRAP KIT?  Unfortunately, you cannot do a 100% complete color change with our wrap kits unless you paint the plastics beforehand or switch them out. The material we use exclusively is VERY thick and durable, so it isn't put on like a car wrap, where it wraps around all the edges and corners, hiding all of the base machine color.  It has to be cut into separate pieces for each section of the body. You will still be able to see a little bit of the base machine color in small gaps between some of the pieces and at some of the edges.  Unless your machine is black or dark grey, we suggest including a bit of the base machine color(s) into your design, even just as a small accent color, to tie it all in together.

DO YOU OFFER INSTALLATION OF YOUR WRAPS & GRAPHICS?  YES!  If you are somewhat local to us, or don't mind traveling, we can install your wrap for you.  The installation is at an additional cost - the prices on the website are for the wrap only.  We are located in Winston-Salem, NC.   We also have been partnering with other off-road, fab and wrap shops in different states to be authorized dealers/installers of our wraps.  If you would like to be a dealer or installer for our wraps, please reach out to  or message us at    Check here for a current listing of our partners:

ARE YOUR OFFROAD WRAP KITS DIFFICULT TO INSTALL?  They aren't difficult, they just they just take some time and patience.  We ship all over the US, Canada & beyond, and most customers install themselves.    When we started making off-road wrap kits, we realized most people don't even send instructions. We send an installation kit free of charge - detailed written instructions & tips, a color-coded layout, so it's easy to tell where each piece goes on the body, and tools to make the process easier for our customers. We're also here to help every step of the way with any questions you may have. The material we use exclusively is VERY thick and durable, designed specifically for off-road conditions, with ridiculous adhesive that bonds with off-road plastics and metal. The thickness of the material actually makes it easier to install without creases and with minimal bubbles.

WHAT KIND OF PREP WORK DO I NEED TO DO PRIOR TO INSTALL?  Biggest thing is to make sure there is no residue of any cleaners or protectants on the body before installing. 70-90% isopropyl alcohol after removing stock graphics.... if you still have those on, you can use a little heat to loosen adhesive and peel them off (there's a small heat gun in the install kit we send.     If you've used SC-1, Pledge, WD-40 or similar protectants/coatings, you'll need to use additional products first to get the build up off - these products tend to soak into the plastics and inhibits the adhesive from bonding.  We suggest either Goo Gone (you can find it at Walmart, Amazon,...) or Prep All (O'Reilly, Advanced Auto, Amazon...).  If you need to use one of these products, you'll need to really, REALLY clean with the isopropyl alcohol afterward to remove the residue of those.

DO YOU HAVE ANY PRE-DESIGNED WRAPS?  We are working very hard to get our stock/standard/predesigned wraps added to the website, but it takes a lot of time, and we are focused on current orders and designsfirst.    Please keep checking back, as our goal is to add 2-3/day when we are able.

I DON'T SEE A WRAP LISTING FO MY UTV/ATV/BIKE, CAN YOU STILL DO IT?   If you do not see a listing for your particular machine, please reach out to us... just because it isn't added to the website yet doesn't mean it's not possible.  

DO YOU OFFER STOCK GRAPHICS?  If you are wanting to match your existing stock graphics or replace your stock graphics, we can design something to coordinate with it, but cannot guarantee an exact match on design or colors. We do not have access to the factory graphics files or colors.

CAN YOU DO A WRAP FOR ME IF I HAVE CUSTOM OR AFTERMARKET DOORS ON MY UTV?  YES!  We do more custom & aftermarket doors than stock these days.  For custom doors, if you fabricator is willing to send us cut files, we can make exact wrap skins for them.  If not, no problem.. .we just need a straight-on side pic of the doors on your machine and good dimensions.  We then make them slightly oversized, and you just trim down at the edges where needed when installing.  For full doors, always install the pieces behind and in front of the doors first, then the door(s) last.  With the door panels being oversized, it allows you to tilt the skin a little on way or the other to better line up graphics.  

WILL YOUR LOGO BE INCLUDED ON MY WRAP KIT?   Yes.  We include a small version of our logo in all of the wrap kits we create and ship out.  We always color it to coordinate with your wrap design.

DO YOU SELL ATVS & UTVS?  We do not currently offer machines for sale. We offer service for motorcycles, atvs, utv and dirt bikes, parts & accessories, custom seats, custom audio, led lighting (including rock lights, whips and light bars), we sell parts and offer installation of all parts & accessories. We also specialize in custom vinyl - off-road and street vehicle wraps, fleet graphics, custom apparel window graphics, stickers, banners & more.


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