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5150 187 Series Bluetooth Rock Lights (Qty Options)
  • 5150 187 Series Bluetooth Rock Lights (Qty Options)

    5150 Whips 187 Style Bluetooth LED Rock Lights.  Color-changing Halos controlled by Bluetooth app.  


    Demo video:


    Product demos:


    5150 power harness:


    Wiring multiple 187 products together:


    ** 5150 Whips are hand-made to the highest standards.  Even though it is rare, things can happen to your whips.  Have no fear, your whips are covered for life!  If your whip because of craftsmanship, you are covered.  If your whip fails because of you (i.e. roll over, pulled into toy hauler, dog chewed it up...), you're still covered!  For whips that fail after 30 days, the customer will be responsible for return shipping.  The repair and/or replacement and return shipping to you is covered by 5150 Whips, Inc.   Repairs take an average of 1-2 weeks, depending on work load and transit time.   If you purchased your whips through Murray Powersports, contact us and we will help you process the warranty claim. 


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